Ahmad Almulla

Digital Transformation Advisor

Ahmad Almulla has over 32 years of experience in IT and business with international exposure and is considered one of the leading figures when it comes to innovation and creative thinking. He is one of few who have combined experience in Information Technology and Supply Chain Management coupled with strong leadership capabilities. This combination has enabled Ahmad to play a crucial role in the success of Dubai Aluminium (DUBAL) and Emirates Global Aluminium (EGA). Ahmad has served as a member of the executive'committee for over 15 years.

Ahmad is credited as one of the driving forces behind the IT revolution at DUBAL/EGA, and a visionary leader who has ushered in an era of technological change in the company. During his over 30 years of service at DUBAL/EGA, Ahmad has been at the helm of various strategic initiatives envisaged to position DUBAL/EGA as a leader in technology and information-based infrastructure; and supply chain management. His experience and knowledge in Cyber Security domain has shielded DUBAL/EGA domain and information assets. Ahmad has also led DUBAL/EGA Information Technology division to win many international and regional awards.

During his career, Ahmad has been a frequent keynote speaker at many IT conclaves and symposiums; and has led many initiatives that have resulted in DUBAL/EGA receiving several prestigious awards. He has been a pivotal member of the Executive Management Team at DUBAL/EGA for several years, at which level he has contributed strategic expertise in global information systems, information system architecture, supply chain strategy and automation procedures.

Drawing on his insight into technology management and ability to create highly effective IT frameworks, Ahmad has effectively leveraged IT as a key catalyst for DUBAL/EGA’s exponential growth over the past two decades. This has been achieved through optimizing operational proficiency via innovative use of technology.

For instance, by innovating the supply chain process, DUBAL/EGA has saved millions of dollars in outlay while simultaneously creating a framework for procurement on its major expansion projects. Having an MBA combined with business experienced enabled Ahmad to play the leading role in securing raw materials at competitive prices and was a key figure in concluding long term contracts for major raw materials with favourable pricing and payment arrangements. He also managed to optimize raw materials specs and inventory and helped lower the working capital of EGA.

Ahmad also has led the vision for a transformation program through the implementation of SAP in DUBAL/EGA and later the integration of multiple SAP system. The latter system not only revolutionized the way
DUBAL/EGA business departments’ function by using world class best practices, but also positioned them for future growth.

As part of community support, Ahmad has founded the CIOMajlis (A platform for CIOs to network and discuss IT related topics) and was the founding chairman. He also served as the vice chairman of Dubai Quality Group (DQG), In addition, He is a board member of the Association of Change Management Professionals (ACME) Middle East Chapter.

He holds an MBA from the University of New England and a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Arizona. He has also been a frequent nominee for international training sessions at prestigious institutes such as the IMD in Lausanne, Switzerland. Currently, he advises board of Directors, CEOs, and CIOs on IT strategy, cyber security, and IT governance, IT led innovation. He also serves as a board member of CIOMajlis, and a member of IDC advisory council.